Bottles made to sit out and look cute. When we set up a booth next to a single origin olive oil maker, they told us how perfect our bottles were for storing olive oil. They told us most people don't know that olive oil should be kept away from light and sealed, basically treated like a fresh product. So we started putting the spouts in and selling them as such! They also work for fun cocktail nights, creamer at a coffee shop, dressings for salad, etc. 

Approximate dimensions are ~9" tall x ~3.5" wide with a 1" opening for the spout. These vary more than most of our other products. Each one is fully hand thrown and comes out with slightly different curves.

All pots are food safe and completely fine in your microwave / dishwasher! Each pot is made from our two hands meaning there will be slight variance in shape and size (which in our biased opinion is the best part).