Can I make a returns or exchange?

We are happy to accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of its arrival date as per your tracking information! You are responsible for shipping costs on all returns and exchanges. Please note that the responsibility for safely getting items back to us falls on you. 

Please let us know why you are returning the item to us, for our records. We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for items that are returned to us in anything less than like-new condition. 

If you're worried about your packaging skills, bring your items to a trusted shipper to package for you! The cost of shipping is non-refundable. Refunds will be issued only after the items are received. Once an exchange is received, we'll issue you a refund for the full amount of your purchase, minus the cost of shipping, to the payment method you used to purchase. 

Can I combine multiple orders for shipping?

Unfortunately the logistics of combining orders is super obnoxious, so try your best to get everything you need in one cart!

Are the pots microwave and dishwasher safe?


Are the pots durable?

Durable is a relative term. But we will say this: Restaurants and Cafés use our pots every day (that isn't during a global pandemic) and they say they last just as long as any other ceramics they have had. But don't do a drop test...

Why do your colors change so much? Can I get one of your past colors?

We rotate colors because we like to. As for when we phase colors out or in its hard to say, the testing process can take months, so we usually don’t commit to a date until we have gotten to a place where we feel confident and comfortable doing production. Because of this, and due to the amount of space we have (or don't have) we don't offer colors we have previously phased out.

Can you repair my pot?

So sorry for your loss. We do not repair ceramics. Super glue is your friend. 

Can I use your kiln/ Will you fire my pots?

Almost certainly no. Potters know this: firing is risky business. Our entire business infrastructure runs on the back of our kiln and the pots inside it. We do not offer firing services at this time due to a full production schedule. 


Can I do local pickup for my order?

Local Pickup is available at checkout (for free!) for those of you within pickup distance to our shop in OB. It helps us reduce waste and saves you money. Win–Win. Select it at checkout under shipping options.