We got married, we moved across the state, we got a new shop.

So we’re not apologizing for the radio silence. Which isn’t to say it’s anything more than a break in the broadcast of daily shenanigans. It’s mostly just hard to life your best insta life when to-do lists and stress levels are at a relative-all-time-high.

But fear not. Your favorite business/life partners are mounting an all out barrage of carefully selected and highly curated content and goodies for you to gnaw on. We are choosing new glazes, breaking in a new kiln, learning to share a bed and toilet, getting to know the new neighbors, and constantly fielding questions and receiving the support we now know we desperately needed to open this pink door for y’all.

The shop is functional! We made all of OB Beans new shop ware for their two year anniversary (June 2nd), and we are chopping away at inventory for our soft opening (June 14th—tell a friend). The front of house is coming along swimmingly; our dream team showed up in force to get the shelves, furniture, and storefront poppin. Oh, the dream team, for those of you wondering is our Aunt Janae-a muralist, Uncle Jeff-rocket scientist and answer man, Bob the builder-Michaela’s dad the all around make-it-work-better-than-it-should-guy, and Cindy-Michaela’s mom aka the most encouraging person you’ve never met.

It seriously looks so much better than our wildest dreams. We hope the pots can live up to their surroundings. We can’t wait to see you all walking through that door and joining us in our quest for world… uh, reconciliation? Yeah: world reconciliation. Go big or go home.

(I wish we could give you discounts, but I’m missing two key elements: pots to sell and financial security.)