Today we are back in the studio after a quick weekend getaway to Yosemite, and it was my (Ryan’s) first time to make the trip! One of our friends mentioned that the rocks were cool and I kind of laughed at him, because how cool can rocks be… or so I thought. It was pretty mind blowing to see these mammoth rock faces shooting out of the ground thousands of feet into the sky, I felt so small. Anyways, this week at Maek we are taking some time to figure out how to communicate most honestly with all the folks that follow us (you). We are learning more every day about how much goes into this whole entrepreneurship thing, which until very recently I have been grossly underestimating. As a young enterprise–or just young people–we are diving headlong into the tense stage of trying to figure out whether or not this dream is going to begin to hint at reality anytime soon (you know, like actually paying rent etc). It is pretty easy to become discouraged when looking at the hallway full of doors to pick from, knowing that if we choose to walk through one we may be missing out on fifteen others. However, this week we decided to put off the fear of failure for another month and charge into the unknown world of marketing one day at a time, giving ourselves a date to work towards in hopes that we may actually be able to focus on the present a little more effectively.

We are beginning to bump up against that first wall of sales, feeling the need to branch out to folks who didn’t know us in junior high. But it has given us the opportunity to lean into some of our friends who have been working in these spaces and legit know some things (we’re talking about you Jordan Ligons, Haplin Hills, and Chelsea Pratte.) We began this process with an idealism that we don’t want to lose, an idealism that hinted at a different way of consuming, hoping that we could help foster a desire for quality over quantity. We want to advertise in a fashion that moves away from the constant stream of wanderlust for a moment besides our own, which the internet in our pockets is constantly tempting us with, but recently the instagram inferiority complex has been real, and we have been on the struggle bus trying not to cave to the pitfalls of spammy internet marketing in 2018. But that leads us here, a place where I can relieve myself, in long-form, of the guilt of 1000 puns (our insta posts), and at the same time, keep y’all updated on our pursuit of a self sustaining business.

Last week we finished up a couple more shop orders for The Corner Shop in Martinez, CA, and Pigment in North Park, San Diego, we also were finally able to recover from our Christmas clay debacle (story to come once we deal with it in counselling) and update the online shop with some products we are really stoked on! Our new line: Be Nice. is the result of a few months of testing our hands and practicing the core elements of the craft. The idea behind it was simplicity and versatility, the shapes remain cohesive and undistracted, hinting at the lifestyle that produced them. They are no nonsense, both in form and color, but all contain the subtle ornamental detail of the ellipsis (…). The punctuation is a pretty direct symbolization of us asking, “now what?” The creation of a functional piece is only the beginning of its life. Just as the asterisk which follows our logo is how the internet symbolizes a movement or action (***smh***), the ellipsis hints at the way the piece will continue to operate in the real world, being filled–we hope–over and again with food and drink then brought to the table …but we also just thought it was a nice touch.

  • UFO planters for Pigment

  • Baby succulent planters for Corner Shop

  • Be Nice cups

We are going to start putting together an email list, so that y’all can stay updated on these posts, and a text list so that we can send out discount codes for the webshop to those of you that follow along. So if all goes well and my internet ventures go as planned there should be a signup window at the bottom of this. (Don’t worry about us overloading you with emails or texts… That’s way too much work and were not down for that kind of thing. It will be about twice a month on the high end.) 

Also we have a Pop-up shop at Madewell at Santana Row in San Jose on April 14! Show up and bring a friend. Then we will be in San Diego during May for a bit and hoping to do some pop-ups, so tell your favorite shops to reach out and we will do our best to fit a few different locations in. I will also be headed down to San Diego next month and I can fit a few orders in my bag, so if you don’t want to pay shipping, send me an email.

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