Meet Maek

Ceramics has been and will continue to be a quiet teacher for us. When we decided to start making ceramics together the idea of profession did not come to mind, and we don’t want it to. While culture and productivity beg for our attention, this practice invites us into its stillness and requires an atypical posture of being present. For us, clay has become a reliable model of how to approach the world, while simultaneously being our response. It’s all too easy to look around in our internet saturated society and point out the problems and issues that prevent us from doing something meaningful or good, and while we don’t claim to have the answers or a catch-all solution, ceramics is our way forward for the time being. We believe that there is something more than a trend that underlies our desire to be a part of this craft, we want to be able to see and touch the products of our work, and we think that this might hint at a more macro sense of appreciating the whos and whats that are all around us. For those reasons, we are unapologetically “those clay people” who can’t seem to–nor do we really want to–find a clean pair of pants. We figured the best way to support the makers who live simply and intentionally was to join them, so here we are…


Maek started in the foothills of Clayton, CA in the fall of 2017. The Clayton studio space is part of an old barn shared with the best carpenter ever to grace planet earth (Michaela’s dad), which directly correlates to the amount of classic rock we listen to. 

While maintaining this studio in the bay area, we have also expanded to our first brick and mortar retail shop and studio in sunny San Diego, we opened our pink door to the public in June of 2019. Located in Ocean Beach just a few blocks from Ryan's first home, we’re excited to make pots, invest in the locale, and eat lots of acai bowls. 

We do our best to produce and package in an environmentally friendly and grateful manner. We use an electric kiln and a variation of our  core glazes, with a selection of rotating seasonal colors. We aim to make wares that we would use ourselves, which will work as good as they look. Thanks for your support, we really hope you love your pots.