Are all Maek Ceramics microwave and dishwasher safe?

Yes all wares are microwave and dishwasher safe unless stated otherwise. But, if you are looking to extend the life of your ceramics they will have a longer life if hand washed with love and care.

Are Maek Ceramics safe to use in the oven and stovetop?

Not all types of clay function the same way, for this reason we will clearly specify in the item’s details which pieces are functional in the oven and stove-top.

An item is out of stock… what should i do?

There will be times when items are out of stock due to the fact that we are only two humans. We encourage customers to order about two months ahead of time for special occasions just to make sure we can get your pots to you in time. If you have any urgent or super special requests, email us (on the contact page) and we will see what we can do!

Why are there slight variations in glaze color and size?

All items are handmade which means that there are going to be slight differences which, in our opinion, is part of the beauty. Glaze coloring and size react with heat in the kiln that causes small variations, giving you ceramics that are all unique. There is a much longer scientific answer to this question, but we will spare you.

Michaela, why do you wear crocs?

Because. Just try them on.

Why is there an encouraged $50 minimum for online orders?

We encourage buying locally from stores that carry Maek Ceramic products and we understand that shipping is expensive on both ends so we wanted to make it worth it.


We use recycled packaging materials as often as possible because we love the world so it might look a bit eclectic. We encourage reuse + regifting as well!

My product was damaged upon delivery, what do i do?

If your product got damaged during delivery we are so sorry! Make sure to take a picture of the broken item(s) and box it came in so that we can deal directly with FedEx. Once you send those photos we can remake those products products and send them as soon as we can.

Can i return my order?

We do not accept returns.

Ryan, why are your glasses so thick?

Because I can’t see.